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Distributor (supplier) bahan kimia untuk beragam jenis dan keperluan industri yang berlokasi di Cengkareng, Jakarta Barat. Kami terus menunjukkan pertumbuhan yang berkelanjutan dalam bidang apapun, dalam upaya untuk meningkatkan pelayanan dan hubungan yang baik untuk semua pelanggan kami.

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Triethanolamine is a mixture of ingredients for cosmetics as a counterweight for acidic Ph, as well as anti-corrosion materials for other products.

Triethanolamine application: Agricuture, Asphalt Additives, Bleach Activator, cement, Chelating Agents, coating, Corrosion inhibitors, Detergent, Cleaners, Fabric Softeners, Drainage Aids, Epoxy Curing Agents, Fuel Additives, Fungicides, Gas Treating, Hydrocarbon Purification, Ion Exchange Resins, Lube Oil Additives, Metalworking Fluids, Mineral Processing Aids, Oil Well Chemicals, Paper Wet Strength Resins, Personal Care, Petrolium Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Photographic Chemicals, Plastic Lubricant, Polyamide Resins, Printing Inks, Rubber/Rubbing Processing Aids, Surfactants, Textiles/Textile Additives, Urethane Chemical, Polyuretane Foam Chemical, Wood Treating.

Urea is a type of chemical fertilizer commonly used by farmers for various types of plants. Urea fertilizers contain high levels of nitrogen, which greatly fosters plant development. Nutrient N helps accelerate plant growth (height, number of tillers, branches, etc.), adds to the protein content of plants and if with proper & balanced fertilization on a regular basis, plants will grow fresh, healthy and give multiple yields and does not damage the soil structure.

Diethanolisopropanolamine (DEIPA) is mainly used in grinding cement aid, used to replace Triethanolamine and Triisopropanolamine. Diethanolisopropanolamine helps increase the strength of cement. Under conditions of strong adaptability the initial strength is higher than triethanolamine, but in general it is only slightly lower than triethanolamine.

Application : Cement grinding aid, surfactant, and others.

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